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Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2007 Optimized Power Generation Using Dynamic Programming Abstract   PDF
S. Muralidharan, K. Srikrishna, S. Subramanian
Volume 15, Issue 1, March 2015 Optimum Insulation Thickness of Roof for Energy Saving in Hot Regions of India Abstract   PDF
A. Shanmuga Sundaram, Kuber Nath Mishra
Vol. 4, No. 2, December 1982 Optimum Tilt Angle Calculations for South Facing Solar Collectors at Karachi (Pakistan) Abstract   PDF
Firoz Ahmad, S.A. Husain, S.M.M.R. Naqvi
Vol. 6, No. 1, June 2005 Oscillation Reduction Method of Shaft Torque Which is Associated with InstantaneousVoltage Drop for Private Generation System Abstract   PDF
A. Okazaki, G. Fujita, T. Nakano, K. Koyanagi, T. Funabashi, R. Yokoyama, T. Kakinoki
Vol. 19 No. 2, December 1997 Overview of Renewable Energies for Future Development In Thailand Abstract   PDF
Jongjit Hirunlabh
Vol 6. No. 2 December 2005 Palm Oil (Elaeis Guiniensis) Plantations: A Potential Feedstock for Biodiesel Production, in Nigeria Abstract   PDF
V. K. Sharma, C. N. Anyanwu, G. Braccio, C. O. Akubuo
Vol. 11, No. 2, December 1989 Palm Oil Products and Wastes as Alternative Energy Sources Abstract   PDF
Abd. Halim Shamsuddin
Volume 20, Special Issue 2A, August 2020 Parameter Optimisation of FACTS using Cuckoo Search Algorithm for ATC Enhancement in Restructured Power Systems Abstract   PDF
Bavithra Bavithra K., Charles Raja Charles Raja S., Anadhakumar Anadhakumar K., Latha Latha R.
Volume 14, Issue 2, June 2014 Parametric Analysis of Hydrogen-rich gas from Sawdust Gasification Abstract   PDF
V.N. Abeenash, E. Natarajan
Vol. 7, No. 3, September 2006 Parametric Analysis of Triple Pressure HRSG in Combined Cycle Power Plant Abstract   PDF
N. Ravi Kumar, Sk. Jaheeruddin, K. Rama Krishna, A. V. Sita Rama Raju
Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2008 Parametric Exergy Analysis of Coal Gasifier and Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber with Emission Study Abstract   PDF
T. Srinivas, A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta, B.V. Reddy
Vol. 18 No. 2, December 1996 Parametric Studies of Thermal Efficiency in a Proposed Porous Radiant Recirculated Burner (PRRB): A Design Concept for the Future Burner Abstract   PDF
Sumrerng Jugjai, Surachai Sanitjai
Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2008 Parametric Study on Transesterification Process for Biodiesel Production from Pongamia pinnata and Jatropha curcus Oil Abstract   PDF
P. Mahanta, J.K. Sarmah, P. Kalita, A. Shrivastava
Vol. 11, No. 2, December 1989 Passive Greenhouse Type Solar Dryers and their Development Abstract   PDF
W.W.S. Charters, R.W.G. Macdonald, D.R. Kaye, Sun Xiaoren
Vol. 4. No. 2, December 2003 PEM Fuel Cell Investigationat Chiang Mai University, Thailand Abstract   PDF
Konlayutt Chailorm, Songwut Nirunsin, Thirapat Vilaithong
Vol. 2 No. 1, June 2001 Perfomance and Emission Characteristics of a Compressed Natural Gas Fuelled Spark lgnition Engine Abstract   PDF
M.S.A. Molla, M.A. Hossain. Mollah, S.M. Sapuan, M.M.H.M. Ahmad
Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2012 Performance Analysis of a Metal Hydride Based Heat Transformer Abstract   PDF
B. Satya Sekhar, P. Muthukumar
Volume 15, Issue 3, September 2015 Performance Analysis of an Inverted Downdraft Biomass Gasifier Cookstove and its Impact on Rural Kitchen Abstract   PDF
Sunil Narnaware, Devendra Pareek
Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2007 Performance Analysis of Domestic LPG Cooking Stoves with Porous Media Abstract   PDF
V. K. Pantangi, A. S. S. R. Karuna Kumar, Subhash C. Mishra, Niranjan Sahoo
Volume 20, Special Issue 2A, August 2020 Performance Analysis of DSTATCOM for Three Phase Three Wire Distribution System Abstract   PDF
Aseem Aseem K., V. Vanitha, Selva Kumar Selva Kumar S.
Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2009 Performance Analysis of Thermal Insulation Screens used for Classic Roofs in Hot-Humid Tropics Abstract   PDF
H. Abalo Samah, M. Banna
Volume 16, Issue 1, March 2016 Performance Analysis on Working Parameters of a Flat-Plate Solar Cavity Collector Abstract   PDF
B. Lakshmipathy, B. Sivaraman
Volume 14, Issue 3, September 2014 Performance and Emission Characteristics of a CI Engine Operating on Methyl Esters blended Diesel with Di-Methyl Carbonate Additives Abstract   PDF
L. Saravanakumar, B.R. Ramesh Bapu, B. Durga Prasad
Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2009 Performance and Exhaust Emission of a SI Engine Fuelled with Potato Waste Ethanol and Its Blends with Gasoline Abstract   PDF
G. Najafi, T. F. Yusaf, B Ghobadian, V. R. Najmeddin, Bilal F. Yousif
Volume 3, Number 1, June 2002 Performance and Financial Analysis of a Rotary Drum Longan Dryer Abstract   PDF
C. Thararux, T. Kiatsiriroat
Vol. 7, No. 2, June 2006 Performance Characteristics of ParabolicTrough Solar Collector System forHot Water Generation Abstract   PDF
A. Valan Arasu, T. Sornakumar
Volume 12, Issue 2, June 2011 Performance, Emissions and Combustion Characterization of Biodiesel in a Generator Engine Abstract   PDF
Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Atul Dhar
Volume 18, Issue 1, March 2018 Performance Enhancement of Parabolic Trough Collector with Oblique Delta-Winglet Twisted-Tape Inserts Abstract   PDF
Atwari Rawani, Suresh Prasad Sharma, Krishna Dev Prasad Singh
Vol. 12, No. 1, June 1990 Performance Evaluation by Heat Release Method for a Diesel Engine on Producer Gas Abstract   PDF
C. Asokan
Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2011 Performance Evaluation of a Large-Scale Polyethylene Covered Greenhouse Solar Dryer Abstract   PDF
Poolsak Intawee, Serm Janjai
Vol. 14, No. 2, December 1992 Performance Evaluation of PV Pumping Systems Abstract   PDF
A. Chaurey, P.M. Sadaphal, D. Tyagi
Volume 14, Issue 1, March 2014 Performance of a Continuous Flow Solar Drying System Abstract   PDF
Kamaruddin Abdullah, Uyun A.S., Chan Y.
Volume 22, Issue 2, June 2022 Performance of a Solar Greenhouse Dryer for Water Hyacinth Abstract   PDF
Phatchareephon Niroka, Gunn Panprayun, Piangjai Peerakiatkhajohn
Volume 22, Issue 1, March 2022 Performance of an Empty Dryer Electrically Heated by Natural and Mixed Convection Abstract   PDF
Samah Adjmi, Chérifa Abid
Vol. 11, No. 2, December 1989 Performance of Small Steam Engine Operating on Wood and Rice Husk Abstract   PDF
N. Coovattanachai, G. Prateepchaikul, P. Ngamsritragul, S. Nakkul, P. Kirirat
Vol. 7, No. 1, June 1985 Performance of Vegetable Oils and their Monoesters as Fuels for Diesel Engines Abstract   PDF
Gerhard Vellguth
Vol. 5. No. 2, December 2004 Performance Study of a Solar Tunnel Dryer for Horticultural Crops Abstract   PDF
P. L. Singh, S. Ganesan, Sunita Singh
Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2008 Performance Study of a Water-to-Water Heat Pump Using Non-azeotropic Refrigerant Mixtures R407C Abstract   PDF
H. Abdesselam, H.H. Masjuki, R. Saidur, M.A. Sattar, M. Guellal
Vol. 6, No. 1, June 1984 Performance Testing of a Windmill-Pump System Abstract   PDF
Willem Nijhoff
Volume 18, Special Issue 1A, May 2018 Petroleum Security Evaluation in China --Based on DHGF and Entropy Technology Model Abstract   PDF
Haomin Liu, Zaixu Zhang, Zhiguo Li, Hengmei Yan
Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2011 Phase Angle Based Control Strategy for Single-Stage Grid-Connected PV System Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Quamruzzaman, Kazi Mujibur Rahman
Vol. 7, No. 2, June 2006 Phase Change Material Based ThermalStorage for Energy Conservation inBuilding Architecture Abstract   PDF
A. Valan Pasupathy, R. Velraj
Vol. 8, No. 2, December 1986 Photovoltaic Rural Electrification in Thailand Abstract   PDF
Oran Rutanaprakarn
Vol. 15, No. 1, June 1993 Photovoltaic Solar Conversion Systems for Rural Jordan Abstract   PDF
Mahmoud S. Audi, Marwan M. Mahmoud, Marwan M. Mahmoud
Vol. 17, No. 2, December 1995 Photovoltaic Water Pumping System: Part I- Principal Characteristics of Different Components Abstract   PDF
V.K. Sharma, A. Colangelo, G. Spagna, G. Cornacchia
Vol. 17, No. 2, December 1995 Photovoltaic Water Pumping System: Part II-Design Methodolgy and Experimental Evaluation of Some Photovoltaic Water Pumping Systems Abstract   PDF
V.K. Sharma, A. Colangelo, G. Spagna, G. Cornacchia
Vol. 7, No. 2, June 2006 Pipelines to Remain Dominant ForceDespite Threat from LNG Abstract   PDF
Y. Grigoryev
Vol. 1 No. 2, December 2000 Plant Based Energy Potential and Biomass Utilization in Malaysia Abstract   PDF
K.O Lim, Z.A. Zainal, G.A. Quadir, M.Z. Abdullah
Volume 21, Special Issue 1A, January 2021: Bangabandhu Chair Special Issue (Volume 2) Policy Paper on the Post Covid-19 Sustainable Energy Options for Power Generation in Bangladesh Abstract   PDF
Sakib Bin Amin, Adib Ahmed, Abdul Mahidud Khan, Farhan Khan
Volume 9, March 2008 [Special Issue on Biofuels: Opportunities and Technologies] Potential and Properties of Palm Diesel as Alternative Fuel for Automotive Engines Abstract   PDF
M.A. Kalam, H.H. Masjuki
Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2011 Potential of Bioethanol Production from Agricultural Residues in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Abstract   PDF
Nhu Quynh Diep, Kinya Sakanishi
Vol. 6, No. 1, June 2005 Potential of Distributed Power Generation from Biomass Residues in Vietnam - Status and Prospect Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Le Truong, Tran Quang Cu
Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2009 Potential of Ethanol Production from Major Agricultural Residues in Southeast Asia Abstract   PDF
Shinichi Yano, Hiroyuki Inoue, Sutipa Tanapongpipat, Shinji Fujimoto, Tomoaki Minowa, Shigeki Sawayama, Kenji Imou, Shinya Yokoyama
Volume 20, Special Issue 2A, August 2020 Power Analysis and Stabilization Techniques for Smart Grids Abstract   PDF
Md. Hadiul Islam, Karthik Suresh, S. Senthilmurugan
Vol. 6, No. 1, June 1984 Power Augmentation in Wind Rotors: A Review Abstract   PDF
S. Sivasegaram
Volume 9, Issue 2, June 2008 Power Flow Control with Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) Abstract   PDF
N. Voraphonpiput, T. Bunyagul, S. Chatratana
Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2008 Power Flow Solution for Balanced Radial Distribution Networks: A New Approach Abstract   PDF
R. Dharmasa, C. Radhakrishna, H.S. Jain
Vol. 20 No. 2, December 1998 Power for the World A Common Concept Abstract   PDF
Johan Kuikman
Vol. 6, No. 1, June 2005 Power Sector Reform in Vietnam Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Quang Dung, Pham Minh Hung
Vol. 6, No. 1, June 2005 Power Sector Reforms and Residential Energy Efficiency Programs Abstract   PDF
Alix Clark, Romeo Pacudan
Volume 16, Issue 3, September 2016 Practical Approach for Capacity Expansion of HV/MV Substations in Long Range Planninghe Case of Beirut Central District Abstract   PDF
Mohammad A. Akkawi, Farid B. Chaaban
Vol. 15, No. 1, June 1993 Practical Aspects of the Operation of a Biomass-Fired Boiler System Abstract   PDF
S. Prasad
Volume 15, Issue 2, June 2015 Prediction of Wind Power Generation Through Combining Particle Swarm Optimization and Elman Neural Network (El-PSO) Abstract   PDF
Azim Heydari, Farshid Keynia
Volume 18, Special Issue 1A, May 2018 Prediction of the Service Life of Composite Geomembrane Based on Hygrothermal Aging Test Abstract   PDF
Min Zhang, Hao Ming Yang, Yi He, Cheng Hui Dong, Wen Li Yang, Jun Xia Zhang, Xiao Yan Liu, Zhi Li Zhang, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
Volume 20, Issue 4, December 2020 Preparation of Biomass Briquettes using Durian Peel Char and Spent Mushroom Compost Char Abstract   PDF
Kittiphoom Suppalakpanya, Ruamporn Nikhom, Suwattana Nikhom
Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2008 Pressure and Heat Transfer in Staggered Arrangement Circular Tubes with Airfoil Vortex Generator Abstract   PDF
M. Gorji-Bandpy, S. Soleimani, F. Hossein-Nejad
Volume 13, Issue 2, June 2012 Process Estimation for Effective Development of Biomass to Liquids Process Abstract   PDF
Shinji Fujimoto, Takashi Yanagida, Kiyotaka Saga, Tomoaki Minowa
Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2008 Process Optimization for Industrial Load Management Abstract   PDF
C.A. Babu, S. Ashok
Volume 20, Special Issue 3A, October 2020: Bangabandhu Chair Special Issue (Volume 1) Producing Biodiesel and Optimized by Taguchi Design against Palm Oil as Sustainable Alternative Fuels in Bangladesh Abstract   PDF
Abhishek Samanta, Sourav Goswami, Prokash C. Roy
Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2010 Production of Biodiesel in Bangladesh from Inedible Renewable Pithraj Oil (Aphanamixis polystachya) and Experimental Investigation of Methyl Esters as Biodiesel on C.I. Engine Abstract   PDF
M. N. Nabi, S.M. N. Hoque, M. S. Uddin
Vol. 1 No. 2, December 2000 Production of Fuel Ethanol from Oil Palm Wastes Abstract   PDF
H.H Yeoh, K.O Lim
Volume 12, Issue 2, June 2011 Production of Thermoelectric Power from Solid Waste of Canal View Cooperative Housing Society Lahore Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Rafiq Khan, Maaz-ur Rehman
Volume 11, Issue 1, March 2010 Production of Thermoelectric Power from the Solid Wastes: the case of Lahore School of Economics Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Rafiq Khan, Sana Sheikh
Vol. 4 No. 1, June 2003 [Special Issue: Cleaner Production in Asia and the Pacific Region] Promoting Cleaner Production Through Local Government: Philippine Clean Cities Center (CCC) Project Abstract   PDF
Elisea Gozun, Burton Hamner, Anthony SF Chiu
Vol. 7, No. 3, September 2006 Promotion of Solar Energy Use in Bangladesh Abstract   PDF
Md. Rabiul Islam, Mohammad Rofiqul Islam, Mohd. Rafiqul Alam Beg
Volume 19, Issue 3, September 2019 Prospects of Transition of Air Transportation to Clean Fuels: Economic and Environmental Management Aspects Abstract   PDF
Svetlana V. Ratner, Chepurko Yuri, Nguyen Hoang Hien
Vol. 4, No. 1, June 1982 Pumping Water with Solar Cells Abstract   PDF
Erik H. Lysen, Frans van Hulle
Volume 16, Issue 1, March 2016 Pyrolysis and Evaluation of Oil shale Product Yield and Composition from Tchikatanga-Makola (Congo) Oil Shale Abstract   PDF
Guy Roland Nguimbi, Youhong Sun, Mingyi Guo, Dickson Bolou Bolou, Brum Stevy Ondon, Phiri Cryton
Vol. 7, No. 3, September 2006 Pyrolysis of Forest Residue for Production of Bio Fuel Abstract   PDF
Subir Paul, Prakash Mondal
Volume 10, Issue 3, September 2009 Pyrolysis Study of Sarawak Coal Using Thermogravimetric Analysis Abstract   PDF
Nor Fadzilah Othman, Mohd Hariffin Boosroh
Vol. 6, No. 1, June 2005 Ramp Rate Constrained Unit Commitment by Improved Adaptive Lagrangian Relaxation Abstract   PDF
W. Ongsakul, N. Petcharaks
Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2008 Readings in the International Oil and Gas Agreements: the Governance of Petroleum Resources Abstract   PDF
Hafez Abdo
Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2007 Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm Applied to Optimal Placement of Capacitor Banks for Unbalanced Distribution Systems with Meshed/Radial Configurations Abstract   PDF
R. Hooshmand, M. Ataei
Vol. 4 No. 1, June 2003 [Special Issue: Cleaner Production in Asia and the Pacific Region] Recent Initiatives and Innovations to Promote and Foster cleaner Production: An Australian Perspective Abstract   PDF
Robert J. Pagan
Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2012 Related Policies to Energy Saving and GHG Emission Reductions in China and the US Abstract   PDF
Hao Chen, Lu Yang, Penghui Zhang, Jiang Li
Vol. 18 No. 1, June 1996 Reliability Study on a Small-Scale Photovoltaic Refrigeration System Abstract   PDF
Supachart Chungpaibulpatana, Athula Rajapakse
Volume 20, Issue 3, September 2020 Renewable Energy in Kazakhstan: Challenges and Prospects Abstract   PDF
Gulmira Zharasbayevna Zhunussova, Svetlana Valerievna Ratner, Gulshat Zharasbayevna Zhunussova, Gulnara Zhagiparovna Nurmukhanova, Aigul Karbaevna Shaihutdinova
Vol. 2 No. 1, June 2001 Renewable Energy Potential in Sudan Abstract   PDF
Abdeen Mustafa Omer, Elfadil Braima
Vol. 11, No. 2, December 1989 Reply to Professor Hussain's Note on Analysis of Solar Insolation over Karachi - Pakistan Abstract   PDF
I.A. Raja
Vol. 8, No. 1, June 1986 Research in Mucrohydropower - A New Zealand Viewpoint Abstract   PDF
E.P. Giddens
Volume 18, Issue 2, June 2018 Research of Hydraulic Resistance and Heat Transfer in Elements of Pipe Columns with Alternate Arrangement Located in Gas Pipes behind the Screen of Hot-Water Boiler Abstract   PDF
Rakhimzhan Kabievich Orumbayev, Andrey Anatolievich Kibarin, Maxim Sergeevich Korobkov, Tatyana Viktorovna Khodanova
Vol. 17, No. 1, June 1995 Research on Absorption Refrigerators and Heat Pumps Abstract   PDF
Satha Aphornratana
Volume 22, Issue 2, June 2022 Research on Voltage Induced Cascading Fault of Cluster New Energy Grid Connection Abstract   PDF
Zhi Li, Guanteng Xiang, Fang Cheng, Yujiao Zhang
Volume 20, Special Issue 3A, October 2020: Bangabandhu Chair Special Issue (Volume 1) Review of Current Status of Fossil Fuel, Renewable Energy and Storage Devices: Context Bangladesh Abstract   PDF
P. Manimekalai, S. Ravi, M. Ravichandran, Raymon Antony Raj
Vol. 6, No. 2, December 1984 Review of Research and Development on Solar Distillation in Thailand Abstract   PDF
Prida Wibulwas
Vol. 10, No. 1, June 1988 Review of Research and Development Work on Forced Convection Solar Drying in Thailand Abstract   PDF
Somchart Soponronnarit
Vol. 7, No. 2, December 1985 Review of Solar Radiation Analysis Techniques for Predicting Long-Term Thermal Collector Performance - Applicability to Bangkok Data Abstract   PDF
T.A. Reddy, S. Kumar, G.Y. Saunier
Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2010 Review of State Electricity Boards and Indian Energy Sector: A Case Study Abstract   PDF
Rudra Rameshwar, Rajat Agrawal, Mukesh Kumar Pathak
Volume 20, Issue 3, September 2020 Review on HVAC System Optimization Towards Energy Saving Building Operation Abstract   PDF
Hazlina Selamat, Mohamad Fadzli Haniff, Zainon Mat Sharif, Seyed Mohammad Attaran, Fadhilah Mohd Sakri, Muhammad Al’Hapis Abdul Razak
Volume 22, Issue 2, June 2022 Risk Premium in Colombia Wholesale Electricity Market Abstract   PDF
David Esteban Rodriguez, Alfredo Trespalacios, Javier Orlando Pantoja
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