Wind Energy in Thailand to Enhance Energy Security: Potential, Status and Barriers

Devbratta Thakur, Nadarajah Mithulananthan


The paper reveals the potential, status and barriers of wind energy in Thailand. With the growing concerns on energy security, green house gas (GHG) emission and consequent climate change, renewable energy sources have become attractive option for electricity generation around the world. The current power generation pattern in Thailand is not secured and sustainable as a result of country’s heavy dependency on imported fossil fuels. Unlike conventional fossil fuels, wind energy is by large an indigenous power source with no fuel cost, no geo-political risk and no supply dependency that come with imported fuels. And also the decreasing cost of wind energy makes Thailand to think up its energy strategy and to include wind energy as one of the promising alternatives. The paper concludes that Thailand has not utilized wind energy resources anywhere near to its potential and there are plenty potentials and possibilities for electricity generation from wind energy.


Climate change, energy security, environmental benefits, renewable energy, wind energy

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