Combustion and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine fueled with Rapeseed Biodiesel, Diesel and Ethanol Blend

Hao Chen, Lu Yang, Yapeng Li, Yong Ma, Penghui Zhang, Jiang Li


Biodiesel and ethanol are the two important renewable fuels for automotives. They can mix with diesel and form the blended fuel. To study the combustion and emission characteristics of the blend fuels, experiments are done on a single cylinder CI engine. Compared with BD20, combustion of BD20E5 and BD20E10 starts later; at small loads the peak combustion pressures and the peak heat release rates of the two fuels are low and at middle and large loads they increase; at 1500r/min the smoke emissions decrease 20.78% and 39.59% averagely, the CO emissions decrease 28.6% and 49.3% averagely, the HC emissions increase 29.4% and 66.8%, and the NOX emissions maintain the same level. Accordingly, diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blend is a kind of clean and environmentally friendly alternative fuel for automotives.


Combustion, combustion pressure, ethanol, emission, heat release rate, rapeseed biodiesel

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