TRM Quantification Considering Market and System Uncertainties

Jun-Kyong Lee, Dong-Joon Shin, Hyo-Sang Lee, Jin-O Kim


Available Transfer Capability (ATC) is a measure of the transfer capability remaining inthe physical transmission network for the future commercial activity. There are three main componentsto calculate ATC, TTC, CBM, and TRM. Among these three components, this paper describesquantification method for TRM considering system and market uncertainties. To calculate TRM,uncertainties of power system and market, such as generation output, bus voltages, line outages,and cancellation of power delivery contracts are considered as complex random variables (CRV) inthe PLF process. One distinguishing feature of the proposed method is that TRM can be computed asa function of a specified probability margin, which offers operational flexibility to system operator.Suggested TRM quantification method based on PLF analysis verified using 7 bus RBTS. The resultshows that proposed method can take into account various system uncertainties in TRM quantification.

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