Estimation of Monthly Average Hourly and Daily Global Irradiation in Togo


Solar irradiation data recorded in there localities (Lomé, Atakpamé and Mango) representing the climate and geographical areas in Togo are analyzed.

            The new technique proposed recently by Jain using normal distribution curve Eq. 1 for estimating the long rang averages of instantaneous (or hourly) global radiation has been tested and found to fit hourly global radiation data fairly well in three zones I TOGO. The values are obtained by matching the experimental and the theoretical values at the solar noon or at 13 hours according to the months in the year. These o values are found to be related to N by linear equation with excellent coefficients of correlation.

            Monthly daily global radiation on a horizontal surface for the three towns, are deduced from their relative sunshine data using the method developed by Angstrom. Appropriate regional parameters are determined and use to predict solar irradiation in all the three localities with an error less than 8%.

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