Optimized Power Generation Using Dynamic Programming

S. Muralidharan, K. Srikrishna, S. Subramanian


The modern complex power system has conflicting requirements. With heavy load demands and distributed generation, cost of generation becomes the primary casualty with its attendant pollution hazards and increased losses contributing for an inefficient system. The whole generation becomes economical and environmental friendly if coordination is brought between cost, emission and loss. The earlier long iterative procedures are laborious in nature for this pareto-optimal problem. This paper discusses a new Dynamic Programming technique with a novel recursive approach for realizing production cost minimization, with an emission constrained and loss reduced condition. Multi-objective solution is provided by a performance comparison table. The results for the test systems portray the computational efficiency and accuracy of the solution.


Economic dispatch, emission dispatch, Emission Constrained Economic Dispatch (ECED), Self Adaptive Dynamic Programming (SADP)

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