Emergency Control Analysis Procedure using Multi-Objective Fuzzy Linear Programming Technique

A. A. Abou El-Ela, M. A. Bishr, S. M. Allam, R. A. El-Sehiemy


This paper proposes an effective procedure to control the power systems during different emergency conditions using the fuzzy linear programming (FLP) technique. This procedure depends on the optimal preventive control action, which is prepared before the emergency occurrence. The multi-objective preventive control actions are: minimizing the generation cost function, maximizing the generation reserve at certain generation or at all generation system, and maximizing the preventive control actions for one or more critical transmission lines, while all the system constraints are satisfied. The results demonstrate the capabilities of the proposed procedure to generate well-controlled of emergency conditions. The comparison with conventional procedures, which hasn’t prepared preventive actions, shows the superiority of the proposed procedure and confirms its potential to remove the effects of emergency problems.


Emergency, Fuzzy Linear Programming, Preventive Control Actions, Security

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