Field Study of Biogas Digester with Partitioned Walls

P. Mahanta, A. Dewan, U. K. Saha, B. K. Bhatt, D. R. Das


In the present investigation, field experiments were carried out to investigate the effect of partitioned walls as well as temperature on the performance of biogas digesters. Two fixed dome type of Deenbandhu model biogas digesters, one without and one with partitioned walls, were installed, and their performance was evaluated on the basis of gas production during the winter months from 1st November 2003 to 29th February 2004. Cowdung-water mixture with a total solid (TS) concentration of 8% was fed in each digester of 1 m3/day capacity. Both the digesters under investigation were continuous type, and fed with slurry from the same raw material at the ambient temperature. Test results were also conducted on a digester of 3 m3/day capacity without walls to compare the performance of the above two digesters.

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