Utilization of Oxygenate with CNSO Diesel Blends (B20) in a CI Engine using Dual Fuel Technology

Ashok Kumar, K. Rajan, M. Rajaram Narayan


In today’s world, as the technology is progressing day by day, the availability of oil-based fuel resource is getting depleted. The demand for an alternative fuel resource to sustain and advance the technological development is linearly increasing. To meet this challenge, experiments have been conducted with suitable engine modifications in a 4-stroke single cylinder water-cooled direct injection (DI) diesel engine at 1500 rpm and 3.78 KW power. The aim of this experimental investigation is to use oxygenate of ethanol and isobutanol along with B20 in a diesel engine via the DF combustion mode. In this experiment, the pilot fuel of B20 and the port fuel of oxygenate were injected at different flow rates of 10%, 20% and 30% by volume. The results of different flow rates were analyzed. This B20 blend improves the emission characteristics of the engine with an insignificant reduction in the engine performance. The result indicates, substantial emission reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOX) and smoke opacity with a marginal reduction in Brake thermal efficiency (BTE) in comparison to B20 without the oxygenate under similar load conditions.


CI engine, CNSO, dual fuel, ethanol and isobutanol

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