Emission Characteristics of a Naturally Aspirated C I Engine with Biofuels and Bio-FossilFuel Mixtures

R. N. Singh, S. P. Singh, B. S. Pathak


A naturally aspirated compression ignition (CI) engine was operated sucessfully with multifuel (fossil-diesel, Karanja oil & producer gas from a wood gasifier), Emission characteristics and performance of diesel engine in fossil-diesel and mixed fuels mode (with Karanja oil and Producer gas) at different engine load conditions are presented in this paper. The emission concentration of CO2 and of the pollutants carbon monoxide (CO), oxide of nitrogen (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) were monitored. It was observed that the relative concentration of emissions depends on the engine load, fuels conditions and engine conditions. However NOx concentration decreases in mixed fuels mode compared to fossil-diesel and Karanja oil and fossil-diesel mixture. In addition to the findings on environmental aspects, the study also proved that the diesel engine could be run in mixed fuel mode (70 to 83% Producers gas, rest karanja oil and fossil-diesel at the ratio of 1:5 and heated at 80 ?C

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