Energy Dispatch Fuzzy Model in Hybrid Power System

Avisekh Lal, Ravitesh Kumar, Utkal Mehta


A hybrid power system is observed as a reliable alternative to the traditional system. However the managing different energy sources have some practical issues like optimal power delivery and battery management. As a consequence, the control of energy distribution should be improved to protect the battery energy storage. This paper gives the fuzzy logic based smart power delivery concept to utilize the available energy optimally. An online monitoring and load demand information can provide the user with reliable and constant electric power. Practically, consumer load demand always varies frequently and unpredictably. Therefore smart energy dispatch unit is required to distribute the energy to consumers and meet their demand depending on the energy available and charging condition. Simulation on real time data is used to illustrate the potential benefits of the proposed fuzzy based dispatch unit so that it maximizes the usage of renewable energy and depends less on the main grid.


Energy dispatch, fuzzy logic, renewable energy, solar-wind hybrid, variable load

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