A Comparative Study of Pongamia Pinnata and Jatropha Curcus Oil as Diesel Substitute

P Mahanta, S. Mishra, Y. Kushwah


In the present work a comparative study was performed to test the feasibility of non-edible plant oils derived from two different species as diesel substitute. Oil extracted from the seeds of pongamia pinnata and jatropha curcus were processed in a batch type of transesterification reactor. The straight vegetable oils obtained from these varieties as well as their blends with certified diesel were tested for physical and chemical properties. Further, engine performance as well as emission tests were conducted and compared with certified diesel. Engine performance tests were conducted in a 5 HP single cylinder, water cooled diesel engine coupled to a dynamometer. Transesterification process shows improvement in fuel properties of pongamia pinnata and jatropha curcus oil. Results obtained from 15-20% pongamiya pinnata and blends of jatropha methylester with petrodiesel (B15 and B20) shows improvement in brake thermal efficiency and reduction in brake specific fuel consumption in engine especially at higher loads. Emission results indicate significant reduction in percentage of CO and HC for B15 and B20 at medium and higher power output.

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