Optimization of a PV with Diesel-BatterySystemfor Remote Villages

R. W. Wies, A. N. Agrawal, T. J. Chubb


This paper discusses the long-term performance and monitoring issues related to integratinga battery bank and a photovoltaic (PV) array into electric power systems for remote villages likethose found in Asia and many other parts of the world. The long-term performance tool developed inMATLAB? Simulink can be used for design, simulation, and optimization of these types of hybridpower systems. An integral part of the optimization process is remote monitoring and ultimatelycontrol of the system. This project involves the installation of various types of sensors on powersystems in remote villages and then the analysis of their performance. The sensors transmit data to acentral computer commonly known as Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) that is in close proximity to thesystem. The current model consists of a diesel-electric generator, a battery storage bank, and a PVmodule connected to a common grid to form the hybrid system. System performance is evaluatedbased on fuel savings relative to the diesel-only case. An example is presented based on an actualtest system in the remote Alaskan community of Lime Village. The simulation results show significantsavings in the fuel consumption due to the introduction of the battery bank and the photovoltaicarray into the diesel-only system.

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